Memorial Day Treats Not to Miss!

Planning a party or heading to one, whichever your situation may be, you don’t want to miss our favorite delights. We have compiled a list of inspirations to at least get your mouth watering. Tell us what you think, and feel free to add any if you want to share!

red white blue parfaits amina micheleMartha Stewart always has her hands in something delightful, and these Red, White, Blue creamy parfaits would be quite a treat visually and for your palette for your guests CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

american flag sugar cookies amina micheleNothing is more “American” than a good ‘ol sugar cookie. Taste of Home has a really tasty recipe CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

cream fruit american star pie amina micheleAmerica the Beautiful! Gorgeous fruit tart by Taste of Home. They have the best “home” recipes!! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

rice krispie treat patriotic star red blue amina micheleTHESE ARE ADORABLE, aren’t they? Yes! Rice Krispie Treat All American Star POPS! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE as if you need one ;)

chocolate strawberry shortcakes amina micheleYou can’t celebrate Memorial Day without chocolate in my opinion. How about these Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes to make your salivate? I can’t even look at the picture CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE