Champagne Stemware for New Years

There are several different options for your New Year’s party stemware this holiday. Have your guests mouth watering over your glassware, or go classic; you pick, here are the three different types of champagne glasses and a few of my chic favorites.

The Tulip

champagne tulip amina michele

This gorgeous champagne tulip is curvy and romantic. It’s a true classic. Easy to handle and your guests will be comfortable drinking champagne from here. Hopefully they don’t get TOO comfortable. Some believe this glass to be the ONLY glass to appropriately drink champagne out of.

The Flute

champagne flute amina micheleThe flute is very chic and modern. The bubbles of the champagne gather at the base of the glass and stream easily up through the open air at the top of the glass. This glass helps assist in bringing the aromatics of the champagne through more potently.

Here are some of my other favorite flute glasses…

champagne flute amina micheleI think these are really chic, and still give a soft romantic look with the rounded base of the glass. You can find these on

champagne edge flute amina micheleThese Edge flutes are a bit more modern, and a real favorite for a city chic New York party. Crate & Barrel sells this gorgeous pair of champagne flutes.

champagne inside out flute amina micheleThese Inside Out flutes are really unique and really fun. Your guests would spend some time trying to figure out the construction of this glass.

champagne dainty flute amina micheleI love these Dainty champagne flutes, you can purchase these at Olive and Cocoa. I am crazy about how the glass is adorned with swirls and dots. Really fun! Only trouble with this glassware is once the hand wraps around the glass, the champagne will get warm. So these are perfect for a New Year’s toast.

beaker champagne glass wellmade products amina micheleI am crazy about these beaker champagne glasses by WellMadeProducts. What I love about these are not only the unique look of the glass, that it looks like a science experiment, but I love that the champagne glass is surrounded by glass, which will help keep the temperature of the champagne cool while your hand is holding your champagne throughout the party.

champagne glass flute heights amina micheleChampagne flutes not only come in different shapes, but here is an assortment of stemware in different heights.

The Coupe

champagne coupe amina micheleI save the champagne coupe for last, because it is my least favorite glass to be quite honest. And I am not the only one who feels dislike for this glass for my champagne; most wine enthusiasts would agree, the coupe is not only hard to drink from because of constant spillage, but there is too much exposure to air, quickly making the champagne become flat. Also, this champagne glass, and it’s shallow bowl, was actually developed to model after a woman’s breast; I can’t keep from thinking that when drinking from The Coupe. However, like the flute, the coupe also comes in different looks and styles; and if you are going for an old fashioned look for your party, this should be your glass of choice.